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November 5, 2010


My email to Paul Krugman earlier this afternoon went something like this;


"Dear Paul,

Your recent Times article, The Focus Hocus-Pocus, contains repeated use of the phrase "Mr. Obama," a style choice which I find to be bothersome because it is unusually formal.

I would be happier to see "President Obama" on first reference, as you have it, followed by simply "Obama" on subsequent references.

My opinion is that it is preferable to treat Obama the same way we treat Clinton, Reagan, Nixon and even Bush (yes, both of them).

Kind regards,

Sam T
Brooklyn, NY"


After I clicked Send, I was then haunted by the rampant irony of there being so many grammatical errors in my letter.  Oh, wells...

Anyway, I'm sure Paul's going to jump right on that and not use "Mr. Obama" ever again, and word will get around the entire media industry, not just print but also broadcast, so I can stop hearing "Mr. Obama" every 3 seconds on NPR...  Right?

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