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February 8, 2008

Speaker Building

A couple weeks ago my Uncle Ivan helped me build a pair of speakers, a project I have been trying to get done since seeing the plans online at zaphaudio.com.


Humble beginnings...


Ivan's very exact measurements made sure all the edges lined up real nice. It took about 8 hours to cut and route all the pieces, a lot longer than I expected. I have a newfound respect for the art of cabinet making!


After I got the pieces home, there were a couple more steps. Okay there were a lot more steps. According to my notes;

Glue sides to bottom of box 1/21/2008
Sand box tops even 1/22/2008
Glue box tops 1/22/2008
Make port tube holes bigger 1/24/2008
Sand baffle edges around tweeter holes 1/25/2008
Cut 8 triangle corner pieces 1/24/2008
Shape 8 triangle pieces to fit corners 1/25/2008
Glue 8 triangle corner pieces 1/25/2008
Drill practice baffle mounting hole / try hex + hurricane bolts 1/24/2008
Apply acoustic foam to 5 inner sides 1/26/2008
Test crossover seating 1/27/2008
Drill terminal holes 1/26/2008
Drill mounting holes in baffle 1/26/2008
Drill mounting holes in 8 triangle corner pieces 1/26/2008
Drill pilot holes for woofer screws 1/26/2008
Sand baffle smooth 1/26/2008
Spray baffle w/ primer coat 1/28/2008
Spray paint baffle 1/28/2008
Do preliminary sanding of box 1/26/2008
Seal mdf "ends" with diluted glue (x2) 1/26/2008
Seal surfaces w/ Minwax 1/28/2008
Sand surfaces smooth pre-veneer 1/26/2008
Apply veneer / vinyl laminate to 5 sides 1/29/2008
Apply weatherstripping to frontside edges ...
Insert Terminals 1/29/2008
Insert Port Tube 1/29/2008
Screw woofer into baffle 1/29/2008
Seal woofer with silicone 1/29/2008
Epoxy tweeter into Baffle 1/29/2008
Solder crossover to terminals 1/29/2008
Mount crossover 1/29/2008
solder tweeter crossover wires 1/29/2008
solder woofer crossover wires 1/29/2008
bolt baffle to box 1/29/2008
enjoy 1/29/2008

Okay. At least by 1/29 I was "enjoying" some new speakers. They look like this;

ZBM4 3qtr left good.jpg

ZBM4 tweeter detail.jpg

ZBM4 by tv 3qtr.jpg

Not too shabby! Thanks again Ivan!

If I have time later I'll post pictures of the inside of the speakers, there's all sorts of electrical wiring in there for the crossover that looks pretty neat. A crossover basically takes an audio signal and splits the frequencies into "high" and "low" parts that are fed to the woofer and tweeter separately (the larger and smaller circular shapes on the front of the speaker). This is so the tweeter is not damaged by low frequency signals.