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January 26, 2007

Re: Climber's Complaint, Skater's Disorder

Via kottke;

"A parallel affliction to the Design Disease is Climber's Complaint, wherein someone who takes up rock climbing begins to see every object and architecture as potentially climbable. Similarly, Skater's Disorder afflicts those for whom every surface is seen to exhibit some measure of skate-worthiness."

To this I would add "Gamer's Lament", wherein someone who has just finished playing Street Fighter II Turbo for 20 hours straight can't stop doing the "TIGER-UPPERCUT!" motion in their head every time another pedestrian passes them on the street. It really does happen.

I can't say I've suffered from this recently, but I'm recalling a few times during the high-school/college days when it did occur.

"Uh-oh, now someone's standing right in front of me; FORWARD + 'A' BUTTON, quick!" That would be the motion for a "throw" in the aforementioned game. It gets to be a pretty automatic reflex after a while.

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yeah this reminds me of an affliction you would deal with. hi sam.