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January 1, 2007

Pratt Institute Calliope New Year's Eve 2006








Great shots, especially the last 2. Your phone has a much better camera than mine for night shots - wow. Who played the calliope - did you get to? How many people were there? What did it play?
Happy New Year!

It was explained the calliope was being played "by a MIDI", meaning a computer. Too bad since I was willing to offer my services should they have been needed.

The best part was after midnight, the gentleman with the handlebar mustache in the second-to-last photograph demonstrated the giant steam whistles in the second photo, one by one... Then he tore down all the police tape and let the crowd go nuts pulling all the whistles at once. Quite the cacophany.

I love the steamy industrial pictures of the calliope. I'm glad to see you posting more photographs. ... I will be checking often to see them.