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January 19, 2007

How to Beat Metal King Slime

Metal King Slime.jpgWhoopee! Would you believe I klobbered one of these critters the other night during my nightly round of Dragon's Quest VIII? And my characters are only level 42, I thought you had to be up in the 60's to take down a Metal King Slime. It wasn't really on purpose, I was trying to complete something else when I ran into him.

Basically there are 3 types of Metal Slimes; plain, "Liquid," and the "King" one here. They like to run away, are very hard to hit, and you can only do 1 or 2 damage points to them per round.

So, how to beat the King, is the question? Have one of your characters cast the "Acceleratle" spell to improve the party's Agility, that way Slimey can't outrun you and get away. Then hammer away with the Metal Slash attack using an Uber Falcon Sword, which does 2 hits, and with the Metal Slash maybe takes 4 damage points off in a single round. PIECE OF CAKE!

Also, keep casting "Acceleratle" every single round, that seemed to help even though I wasn't sure you could stack Agility points really.

Is this the same blog where I like to talk about how the U.S. economic system is in grave peril? <-- Rhetorical question.

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If you only wrote about world devestation and financial ruin I would be very worried about you. Also disappointed. Your humor is your best weapon (next to the many-strike sword thingy of course).