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August 19, 2006

Under Re-Construction

The observant will note that Samology is loading much zippier than usual of late. My hosting company recently moved me to another server, because I requested a more up-to-date installation of Perl for a project I am working on. A side-effect of the new server is speeeeeeeeeeed...iness... Tres bien...

HOWEVER, some of my scripts are broken as a result - including my trusty "Google Loves Me" script that tracks referrals and shows them on the main page.

BUT, the new Perl is going to allow me to complete a really fun project, which is a custom phone-pix posting script that will allow me to instantly post pictures from my phone to the blog via text-message. It's going to work like this;

1) Send "pix" message from Verizon phone to private email address.
2) Each time Samology.com main page is requested, check said private mailbox for new messages, scanning headers for attached pictures.
3) Grab the pix, automatically do some image adjustments to improve contrast / graininess / etc., and post to the blog.

What a fun project! I am hoping it will lead to more frequent updates here, as it will be so easy to post.

AND props to Chris Ware for various ways of starting sentences...