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June 13, 2006

All Pooled Out

Me and my 9-Ball teammates played in the APA playoffs this past weekend, unfortunately we were knocked out in the second round. As a consolation I did win all my games.

So tonight I have had enough pool and am not going to the regular Tuesday night session.

By the way, WHERE OH WHERE IS MY POWDERMILK BISCUITS t-shirt? You mean nobody on the Internets has one they mean to part with? I just went to see A Prairie Home Companion last weekend at BAM, it was gewd. But verrrry weird. My favorite was the cameo (or two) by lassoist and singer, Pop Wagner, whom I interviewed for a high-school paper. He's a very nice man. Oh yeah, my Dad's in the movie, too, very very briefly.



I've never had one of those shirts. i don't see them much these days, either.

I haven't seen the PHC movie yet myself. One person said he saw me eight times. Pop was great on the set. He showed John C. Reilly how to do rope tricks. They got to be pals.


'way off thread, but I just looked up Panchromatic Resonance, expecting to find something about color perception (which may have developed so that omnivores could make safer food choices, but then, why don't bears have it - or do they?)and found F.Z. No colors around, but then music is pan-chromatic too... you are pan chromatic in so many ways Sam.