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May 17, 2006

Handsoff.org Doublespeak

Don't you think that AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular and Alcatel want to get their hands ON the internet, not off it?

Well they're the members (among many other telecommunications and "pro business" organizations) of Hands Off the Internet, a group clearly formed to help clear the way for these companies to start charging ENORMOUS FEES FOR YOU TO ACCESS THE INTERNET!

In other words, "Hands Off" means "hands off mega telecommunications companies ability to turn GINORMOUS PROFITS!"

I stumbled across handsoff.org thinking it was a legit consumer group, but quickly began scratching my head at their lack of language about the ability of "people" to access and use the internet; rather their Statement of Principles rambles on about freedom for the "consumer."


I am a person first, and I do not wish to characterize my access to the internet as a consumption of anything; I'm just using it! If I choose to pet the cat, am I consuming it?

Incidentally, the handsoff.org domain name is owned by The Mercury Group, a PR firm with clients ranging from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, to Republican Senator George Allen, to Charlton Heston, to the NRA - my favorite quote from the Mercury Group's NRA case history; "When the dust settled from the 2000 elections, a pro-NRA President was in the White House." Well didn't the Mercury Group do just a great job for the NRA, then, how nice.