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May 4, 2006

Forwarding Address

Sorry for lack of updates the past week, me and D are successfully occupying our new apartment but the Internet connection has not caught up with us yet. Some would say my preference for DSL is holding up the show, since I'm pretty sure if we had settled for Cable Internet service it would be turned on by now. However I am stubborn.

Also I am on vacation this week, whee.

As a tidbit of info, my pool record this season is 12-5. That's a .705 average, and it breaks down to 6-3 in 9-ball and 6-2 in 8-ball. I suspect this means I am under-ranked, making my APA handicap too low, the reason being everybody forgets to write down "safety" shots (in which I give up a turn at the table by pushing the cue ball into a position from which my opponent cannot sink any of his own balls). Safety shots are supposed to be subtracted from the overall number of "innings" in a game, and a low number of innings would automatically increase my handicap. Although I like winning, I have also found that a greater handicap has in the past forced me to improve my pool game by practising more and taking classes with local experts, an enjoyable side-effect.