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April 14, 2006

Peer Gynt

I went to see Peer Gynt at BAM last night - its what I like to do when the wife's out of town, you know, catch up on my obscure 19th century Norwegian plays and the like.

The best parts about the production were;

#1: Robert Wilson's direction/influence - the lighting and conception of the sets was incredible. Together with the stunted movements of the actors, like motorized mannequins in molasses, the overall impression was of a twisted fairy-tale shadowy dream world. Yep.

#2: This guy's stage presence - phew! As the "young" Peer Gynt in the first act, I do not feel the subsequent leads were as strong.

On the downside;

#1: The subtitles for my section (rear mezzanine) were off to the side, making it extremely difficult to keep an eye on the stage and also make sense of what was going on.

#2: Four hours of existentialist Norwegian banter doth a somnolent man make. There was only intermittent dozing, though, I was determined to make it all the way through.

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Peer Gynt, Flaming Lips, Noam Chomsky and Wm. F. Buckley - you are a truly eclectic thinker. You are delightful. That's 19th Century lingo for "Awesome". (auto spellcheck wants to know if that is "Peer Gent"? or maybe Giant or Gym. It truly is obscure. And would that be "Noah Chaska"?)