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April 18, 2006

Our New House

Today, we wrote some big checks, and now oficially own 1.9% of this place.

I don't know which is scarier, the fact that we are now responsible for one humongous loan, or the fact that Microsoft Earth lets me zoom practically in through our living-room window.

Anyways, I am not looking forward to the actual "moving" (does that really need to be in quotation marks?), but the feeling of actually having a house is consoling me quite a bit.

Did I mention the pre-configured Internet Closet™ that comes with our new apartment? There's like all this hardware and cabling and stuff the former owner added to make the place more attractive to us business types. I'm looking forward to fussing with it during my vacation, first week in May, the weekend after D. and I get back from Jazzfest in New Orleans.


This is so exciting. I just happened to check your website this afternoon and voila. WHICH front door is yours? If it faces me in the picture, then your deck area must be out of sight in this view? Or is it across the way over there? [and yes it is very unnerving that you could use satellite photos to do brain surgery] If you hook up a live cam to satellite to your tech-wired home could I look and see what you are having for dinner live-time?
Congratulations to both of you. Your savings(s) will regenerate and you have a great place to do it from. Have fun in NOLA.

Just checked the February post. I see your deck over there in the West Wing. Can't wait to see it this summer.