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March 28, 2006

Now Where Was I

Yep, still home sick. Let's see, what to blog about today;

You know Gothamist is getting to be a big deal when somebody spontaneously brings it up in your Journalism class. I'm halfway through the Spring 2006 quarter of ENG 18.17, History of Journalism, at Brooklyn College, and yesterday my friends' community weblog was used by a classmate as a counterexample to the "cultural homogenization" of newspapers in America. I'm not sure I follow that logic - granted I wasn't even really paying attention to the discussion until the word "Gothamist" - but I was amused by my professor's horrified expression in response. Apparently blogs still aren't "real news" to some, but let's let that slide for the moment. Suffice it to say I'm proud of my friends' success in getting their brand out there, and also oddly a little jealous. Anyway; nice work, guys!

Also, while I'm typing;

I'm looking forward to some seriously tasty homemade pizza tonight, courtesy of my early morning dough preparations and our lovely pizza stone - with which it is so easy to bake perfect crust. Yum!