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March 28, 2006

Cat Names Once Again

Do we really need more cats? Rumor has it there are already two around here somewhere, so the answer is "no."

That doesn't stop me from naming a bunch of new ones;

Kwang Duk Ho

Those are the top five so far, but c'mon, I bet we can do better;

Har Mar
Ancillary Funktshun

The story today is I'm sick and staying home from work.

Furriness Quotient ("Few-Queue" for Short)
Get - Your - Tail - Out - Of - My - Drink - Please - Again

Okay, so, to sum up, SAMOLOGY COMMENTS ARE WORKING again, but I'm not approving any attached to this entry that don't have at least ONE new cat name for my collection.

That's the game we play today.

Go to town.


My favorite one is Get - Your - Tail - Out - Of - My - Drink - Please - Again. But I would add Darcy, since I had originally wanted to name Cleo that but they wouldn't go for it. Or how about Bernoulli, since I am an enginerd after all.

Yeah! Comments...I have always favored something simple like Cattulus (poet) or Catamoron ('Cat' for short). Then there are the Mark Twain suggestions, Catelepsy, Concatanation....then there's Catalpa, the messy tree with the orchid-like flowers and the nasty pods. [these are probably all spelled wrong as I can no longer spell since spell-check weakened my will). Oh just one more, "Purvis".