August 2005 Archives

August 15, 2005

Pattaya is...

We are in Thailand, on the beach in Pattaya, Hat Jomtien. Today we experienced; Beach vendors, plying their trade one by one past our beach umbrella. They were selling: mangoes watermelon pineapple grapefruit spring rolls fried shrimp steamed crab fried crab steamed clams paperweights sarongs sunglasses tattoos foot massages tattoos again blankets buddha figurines ice cream I SAID NO TATTOOS THANK YOU! cigarettes sandals tee shirts shorts do I ever have to leave my beach chair, I think I could live here on beach vendor wares alone! cashews with chicken or pork or beef gold watches oh ALL RIGHT I'll just take the tattoo that says "Do Not Disturb," you can put it right here on my forehead... There... Now maybe I can get some reading done... (coral necklaces jet skis swim wear hats various random pieces of furniture) ...

August 12, 2005

Same Same But Different

Greetings all from Thailand. Currently we are in Sukhothai region enjoying Pad Thai and banana roti with jam and/or chocolate. Tomorrow, a bike tour amongst some temples (wat). Food is very inexpensive here, tonight dinner and dessert (the aforementioned banana roti) came to almost $2 (two dollars). Also, our hotel, with cable tv and air conditioning; just under $9 a night. The title of this post, "Same Same But Different," is a popular Thai expression, we have heard it lots, particularly from guides and people explaining things to us. It means "Instant coffee is identical to coffee prepared in the normal fashion." Or it means "This bus does have air-conditioning, but it is just broken at the moment." Or it means "It is safe to walk across the street on a green light, just look both ways first because the cars going the other way are ignoring the red light." More Later!