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May 9, 2005

eBay Mania

Voltes_V.JPGRecently while hocking some old computer parts on eBay I stumbled across one of my old childhood toys, the Voltes V robot, selling for about $800. I seem to recall mine was originally 70 or 80 bucks. That's pretty neat, I guess I had good toy taste or something. Right now Voltie-baby (in the original box with all the accessories!) is in a temporary holding pattern in Minnesota at the moment (aka; my Mom's closet), but I think I'll retrieve him soon and maybe display him in the study. This only after I know if the study will be in California or New York, and only after consulting with my wife about how an 18" tall robot is going to fit in with our trendy, but possibly robot-unfriendly, apartment aesthetic. But I almost started that last sentence with a conjunction. However I just had to correct it! For I consider myself very proper with the grammar. Yet I am sure nobody would have noticed if I had left it there! So don't let me catch you beginning a sentence with "and" for example. Neither "nor," either! Or I will get on your case!

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