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November 17, 2004

I ♡ Ebay

Item's I'm SellingLast Saturday, I took a few minutes to rummage through my old forgotten belongings and slap them on Ebay, mostly to make extra space in my rapidly shrinking apartment. Fortunately my old forgotten belongings almost exclusively include computer parts and video game systems (surprise!) which I'm no longer using, and which aren't actually very old. So far the eBay rubes aren't exactly fighting over my goods, but I'm still holding out hope for the knee-jerk impulse-clicking esnipe jihad that is typical of the last few seconds of an auction. clickclickclickcli- "Take that lilADMRL62!" clickclickclick- "Outbid me, will you?!!? " clickclickclickclickCLITTETYCLICKETTYCLICKETTY "HAH! I AM THE CHAMPION! Not to mention proud winner of... a floppy disk for $117.95..." 't do make the heart proud.

P.S.; "Ashcroft Loses Job to Mexican" is my favorite Onion In The News headline this week.