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November 16, 2004


"Oh, the time I've wasted in the name of doing things quickly!" E.g.; -Filling out the minimum possible information on my health insurance claim, thinking "It's quicker this way, they know who I am anyway." Then spending an hour on the phone a month later trying to figure out why the claim isn't paid yet. "Oh, you guys actually needed my birth date?" -Or neglecting to write down the name of the airline after I finish making a reservation; "It takes too long and I'm sure I won't forget the name of the airline, much less when, where and how I'm flying!" Then wasting an afternoon sifting through emails from six weeks ago for my e-ticket because I can't remember when, where or from which airport I'm flying. -Getting all the way to the end of Final Fantasy X in record time, having skipped the "unnecessary bits," only to find out some of the bits were indeed necessary and will take forever to find and complete now. Oh well, back to the email sifting...


Perfect, Sam! If you find out how to unlearn these habits, please let me know.


Just don't screw up and miss your plane like we did. The poured concrete benches at JFK are a little better for sleeping than the plastic baskets at LaGuardia, but not much better. Have a great trip. Say hi to Dahlia for us. Love,