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October 21, 2004

Little Break

This weekend I am going to see my future wife in Palo Alto, CA for a couple days... (I hope she turns out nice, you don't even want to know about the mail-order bride they sent me last time!). I am liking the JetBlue airlines for this purpose, although my red-eye back to NYC on Sunday is disappointingly full (don't get to curl up sideways across 3 seats). Perhaps there will be time also for an $18 crab salad in San Francisco on the weekend. Last time we were there I had heard the crab salads were good, but then I ordered one and the guy was like "$18 please!" (choke!) But now I sorta want to order one again, it was that good. Also San Francisco is where I courageously discovered Bubble Tea last year. Weird but good...

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Have a good trip. See you the week of 11/4. I looked at the Bubble Tea receipes - it sounds like it would be like the 3-bean drink we used to get from the Vitetnamese restaurant when you were kids . I have never been able to find that again.