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October 1, 2004


There is no reason the U.S. should not adopt Instant Runoff Voting for presidential elections. My IRV ballot would look like this; 1 - David Cobb (Green Party!) 2 - Ralph Nader 3 - John Kerry 4 - ... Spongebob Squarepants? 5 - ... kitty litter (used)? 6 - George W Bush

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I can't believe we're voting the same ticket this year! That's my boy. Seriously, I'm so afraid of number 6 that I'll probably vote for number 3, or possibly number 4. I don't think the Constitution would cover inanimate objects running the country (hopefully inanimate) or I might consider number 5 if given no other alternative. I have survived scarey elections before (Nixon, Reagan, Ventura) but not as fraught as this one. SERIOUSLY fraught. Minnesota voter registration is so high that they actually ran out of registration forms for a couple of days. The administration here is Republican so of course there were accusations that the run-out was deliberate. That means that ... no wait, it is meaningless, like every other news item about this election - random and meaningless. Be fraught, be very very f...... .