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September 8, 2004

Chicago and Beyond

So far it's been a lovely trip, minus the bit about the car break-in Sunday night. At first we thought the worst was D's earrings and necklaces, as well as her external hard drive with archives of all her pictures. But then last night we realized her big backpack with ALL her shirts was gone, too... She is being a very good sport about it, though, deciding this is mostly a good excuse to have a mini shopping spree at Mall of America once we get to MN. Currently we are making use of the free Wi-Fi here in Milwaukee, en route to House on the Rock near Spring Green, WI. Here's to some better luck West of the Mississippi! P.S. My Gameboy was another casualty of the break-in, is this a good excuse for me to have a shopping spree, too? P.P.S. It takes FOREVER to spell "Mississippi" on a mobile phone...

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