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August 10, 2004

Working Hard

Today and tomorrow I am leading meetings between the hospital department I work for and a software vendor, so a little stressed. It's going pretty well, though, so I guess you could say it is rewarding in the end. Tonight I'm hoping to get an hour of Star Wars Galaxies, my new Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game addiction, in after packing for LA and making sure everything else is in order before going away for the weekend. D gets back tomorrow night (yay!) and we are leaving early Thursday morning (blah!), so busy-ness. Things have been so hectic, I just looked at the calendar and realized next Tuesday IS MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Forgot all about it. The usual Amazon wish list (highly abbreviated) is up, but feel free just to post me some birthday blog-wishes instead...


Season's best for the Birthday buddy. Long weekend ahead of you, why are good times often so much work? Much love. E-mail later. - Mom

happy birthday baby!!

Happy Birthday!