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August 4, 2004

Vote Ralph

It matters little to me whether Ralph Nader is really "egotistical" or "insane," I prefer to focus on what this man has done, and is doing, for citizens of this country. Check out the Public Citizen website for some examples. I believe, as Ralph does, that there are "few major differences between the major parties." Take a look at Ralph's positions on Fair Trade, Fair Taxes and Universal Healthcare and see what genuinely different, yet entirely reasonable, political positions look like. Even if I lived in a state where it was not assured John Kerry would win, I'd still be tempted to vote for Ralph.

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While I completely agree that there are few major differences between the two major parties, this scarcely seems relevant to the upcoming election when viewed in the context of the necessity to get rid of the idiots presently destroying every meaningful diplomatic, economic and ecological success of the past fifty years. We are not electing a party, we are electing a person, and there is every essential difference; as between day and night, between the personnae of George Bush and John Kerry. Since Ralph Nader is obviously and self-admittedly unelectable running against Bush, we cannot afford the indulgence of philosophical righteousness at this juncture. There was a time before GWB's nomination to address the tyranny of the two party system, and there will be a time after his absolutely essential defeat.
Having demonstrated conclusively to any nation still in doubt, that ensuring continued sovereignty requires possessing a nuclear deterrent to the unilateral agression of the USA, the Bush administration has alienated our allies, infuriated our foes and exposed our country to the burgeoning unbridled wrath of those who will play by any (or no) rules necessary to combat us and our unilateral drive to impose our will on the world, while supporting corrupt regimes to facilitate plundering its resources to satisfy our runaway consumption.