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August 19, 2004

It's Great to Be the Number After 29

So far it has been an highly profitable and entertaining birthday, as of course all my birthdays must be. The girl took me out to Nobu for "new style Japanese cuisine," which naturally blew my socks into next week. Try the cold tuna and caviar in wasabi sauce, it is my new favorite. We each had the "Omakase" chef's choice menu featuring a "surprise" series of dishes brought out one by one. Most notable were the tuna, a very tangy-sauced lobster, a honey-charred "other fish" (cod?) topped with foie-gras, followed up by some very acceptable sushi rolls. Also entertaining were the different waiters coming over to explain the next course. It was a special evening, made better by my first ride in the Purple-mo-bile which blew me away with its built-in GPS map dohicky and fascinatingly unique dashboard. The dinner was my favorite gift. I also received a fashionable new watch from D, a surprise birthday party and cake from my co-workers, calls from all relevant members of the family, and a card from Grandma, topped off with an impromptu and much needed lazy day off from work.