August 2004 Archives

August 30, 2004


It's official, as of Saturday night, me and my sweetie, the D, are engaged. This comes as little surprise to our assorted parental units, but it was fun telling them anyway. No date is set yet, but we are thinking Summer of '06.

August 19, 2004

It's Great to Be the Number After 29

So far it has been an highly profitable and entertaining birthday, as of course all my birthdays must be. The girl took me out to Nobu for "new style Japanese cuisine," which naturally blew my socks into next week. Try the cold tuna and caviar in wasabi sauce, it is my new favorite. We each had the "Omakase" chef's choice menu featuring a "surprise" series of dishes brought out one by one. Most notable were the tuna, a very tangy-sauced lobster, a honey-charred "other fish" (cod?) topped with foie-gras, followed up by some very acceptable sushi rolls. Also entertaining were the different waiters coming over to explain the next course. It was a special evening, made better by my first ride in the Purple-mo-bile which blew me away with its built-in GPS map dohicky and fascinatingly unique dashboard. The dinner was my favorite gift. I also received a fashionable new watch from D, a surprise birthday party and cake from my co-workers, calls from all relevant members of the family, and a card from Grandma, topped off with an impromptu and much needed lazy day off from work.

August 10, 2004

Working Hard

Today and tomorrow I am leading meetings between the hospital department I work for and a software vendor, so a little stressed. It's going pretty well, though, so I guess you could say it is rewarding in the end. Tonight I'm hoping to get an hour of Star Wars Galaxies, my new Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game addiction, in after packing for LA and making sure everything else is in order before going away for the weekend. D gets back tomorrow night (yay!) and we are leaving early Thursday morning (blah!), so busy-ness. Things have been so hectic, I just looked at the calendar and realized next Tuesday IS MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Forgot all about it. The usual Amazon wish list (highly abbreviated) is up, but feel free just to post me some birthday blog-wishes instead...

August 5, 2004

I'm Hatin' the Quizzes!

The Musketeer
Category IV - The

You have a small, highly edited social group, and
you like it that way.

What Type of Social Entity are You?
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August 4, 2004

Vote Ralph

It matters little to me whether Ralph Nader is really "egotistical" or "insane," I prefer to focus on what this man has done, and is doing, for citizens of this country. Check out the Public Citizen website for some examples. I believe, as Ralph does, that there are "few major differences between the major parties." Take a look at Ralph's positions on Fair Trade, Fair Taxes and Universal Healthcare and see what genuinely different, yet entirely reasonable, political positions look like. Even if I lived in a state where it was not assured John Kerry would win, I'd still be tempted to vote for Ralph.

August 3, 2004

Wait to Buy the House

My man, Dean Baker, lets it fly again; his article, Too Much Bubbly at the Fed?, tells why the recent run-up in housing prices cannot be explained by "quality improvements," but is actually a large bubble waiting to pop. Remember how the stock market popped? See where we are today because of that? Now consider the impact of the housing bubble may be worse. The people who are worst off because of this are folks with variable-rate mortgages who recently bought the most expensive home they could afford as an "investment"; rates are about to go up-up-up, housing prices are going to go down-down-down, soon these homes will be worth less than the mortgages, meanwhile the monthly mortgage payments will no longer be affordable. A home is always a good investment, even with a large mortgage, because housing prices always go up and give you instant equity, right? Unfortunately not in this case. New Yorkers, the Northeast appears hardest hit with prices 1995-2004 up 60% over the Consumer Price Index for the same period. Okay, good, I got my technical meanderings out of the way today so I can go post on D's blog now...

August 2, 2004

Credit Woot

Finally; Equifax got back to me today and said my credit report is clear, I don't have somebody else's crap on there any more and when I decide I need to take out a mortgage I shouldn't have any problems. D is in Israel for the next 10 days so I am taking over her blog duties. What should I write? I have been instructed to minimize the techno-babble and "informative statistical graphs" while serving in this capacity. One advantage is a lot more people read her blog than mine, so I get to really preach to the masses.