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July 29, 2004


[email protected] and W32.Korgo.Z (and various variants these-of) have been keeping me employed lately, so I just want to say to the writers of these little wormy/virii/backdoors; Thanks, guys! Keep up the good work! I finally found a television program I love and D can't stand; HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David's impossibly psychotic behavior approaches the sublime about 4 episodes into the 2nd season with The Shrimp Incident in which Larry accuses HBO exec Allan Wasserman of stealing his Chinese food, right in the middle of a pitch alongside Julia Louise Dreyfus for a new show. Larry is also ostracized this episode for calling someone a "c*nt" and for apparently beating his wife... How do you spell F-U-N-N-Y!? Hey, the greatest comedy comes out of the worst tragedy, just ask Richard "I Ain't Dead Yet Motherfucka" Pryor. I discovered MSG does not agree with me in the slightest, causing nervousness immediately after ingestion and nightmares later on. Unfortunately the nearest neighborhood Chinese restaurant recently changed hands and is now applying the stuff quite liberally, it seems. If I walk in and ask for "no MSG!" do you think that will work? It didn't help that I *forgot* about the MSG Incident on Monday and went right ahead and ate the leftovers for dinner Tuesday... Oog...

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i really want to like that show, but no matter how hard i try, Larry just keeps getting on my nerves!