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July 28, 2004

Samology DMV Epilogue

Last Friday I *finally* got my New York State driver's license. The testing guy was extremely laid back, much unlike the snarky, overly critical lady who tested me before. The Red Hook testing ground is a busy area for traffic at 8:30am, so like last time I had to maneuver around several double-parked delivery trucks, narrowly missing a pedestrian or two in so doing. I wonder what happens if you accidentally rub Anbesol Maximum Strength Gel anesthetic on your eyeball? Hmm, back to that shortly... Anyway, that's right, all you people who drive in normal areas of the United States; here in NYC the road test is in live traffic where you can hit people and other cars and crud. There is also no such thing as a "road test building" or facility, you just show up in a random spot on the street at a particular time and off you go. My test receipt says "Turns Wide Right," but that's about the worst you can expect from me on the road apparently. Here's how you properly execute a parallel park in New York City, the part I failed on last time, by the way; Step 1: Pull up alongside, parallel to and about 12 inches away from the car in front. Step 2: Back *slowly*, *straight* backwards 3 feet. Step 3: Start turning the wheel towards the curb and *slowly* continue backing up. Step 4: Continue until the passenger-side rear-view mirror lines up with the nearest taillight of the car in front and *stop*. Step 5: Turn the wheel away from the curb and start backing up again. Step 6: When you are in the parking space completely, stop. Step 7: Put the car in Drive and pull *straight* forward until you are about 12 inches from the car in front (do not try to pull closer to the curb during this). Step 8: Put the car in Park. Whew.



congratulations, I guess this means you can drive the mercedes next time?



I took the Minnesota test four times. Finally squeaked by.