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July 19, 2004

My Arby-Q Has A First Name

Stardate 20040719:4:46; another busy week in store... Tomorrow me and the D are off to Avenue Q and some Thai food. That is if I survive the kickoff meeting for my Big Project at work. If I can get this albatross off the ground it will be a feather in my hair, or flowers in my cap or some such thing. Just when I thought my Polling and Surveys in the Media class was going to be dull, I stumble on lesson 2, dealing with perception, linguistics and how the brain processes information... Guess I will have to keep a more open mind... The fact I have 9 months to complete this course is more daunting than reassuring... Did I mention our new servers are Dual-Processor Xeons with 3Gb of RAM? Did I mention that already? Also, keep those California job offers rolling in; Pixar is not hiring, silicon valley is more of a silicon alley and I am not making significant progress on Monster. If I don't find anything by January I suppose I can go work at Arby's again; Quick Arby's Fact #1; Don't Eat the Arby-Q... DON'T EAT IT! My Arby-Q has a first name, it's F-E-C-E-Q!!!