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July 29, 2004


[email protected] and W32.Korgo.Z (and various variants these-of) have been keeping me employed lately, so I just want to say to the writers of these little wormy/virii/backdoors; Thanks, guys! Keep up the good work! I finally found a television program I love and D can't stand; HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David's impossibly psychotic behavior approaches the sublime about 4 episodes into the 2nd season with The Shrimp Incident in which Larry accuses HBO exec Allan Wasserman of stealing his Chinese food, right in the middle of a pitch alongside Julia Louise Dreyfus for a new show. Larry is also ostracized this episode for calling someone a "c*nt" and for apparently beating his wife... How do you spell F-U-N-N-Y!? Hey, the greatest comedy comes out of the worst tragedy, just ask Richard "I Ain't Dead Yet Motherfucka" Pryor. I discovered MSG does not agree with me in the slightest, causing nervousness immediately after ingestion and nightmares later on. Unfortunately the nearest neighborhood Chinese restaurant recently changed hands and is now applying the stuff quite liberally, it seems. If I walk in and ask for "no MSG!" do you think that will work? It didn't help that I *forgot* about the MSG Incident on Monday and went right ahead and ate the leftovers for dinner Tuesday... Oog...

July 28, 2004

Samology DMV Epilogue

Last Friday I *finally* got my New York State driver's license. The testing guy was extremely laid back, much unlike the snarky, overly critical lady who tested me before. The Red Hook testing ground is a busy area for traffic at 8:30am, so like last time I had to maneuver around several double-parked delivery trucks, narrowly missing a pedestrian or two in so doing. I wonder what happens if you accidentally rub Anbesol Maximum Strength Gel anesthetic on your eyeball? Hmm, back to that shortly... Anyway, that's right, all you people who drive in normal areas of the United States; here in NYC the road test is in live traffic where you can hit people and other cars and crud. There is also no such thing as a "road test building" or facility, you just show up in a random spot on the street at a particular time and off you go. My test receipt says "Turns Wide Right," but that's about the worst you can expect from me on the road apparently. Here's how you properly execute a parallel park in New York City, the part I failed on last time, by the way; Step 1: Pull up alongside, parallel to and about 12 inches away from the car in front. Step 2: Back *slowly*, *straight* backwards 3 feet. Step 3: Start turning the wheel towards the curb and *slowly* continue backing up. Step 4: Continue until the passenger-side rear-view mirror lines up with the nearest taillight of the car in front and *stop*. Step 5: Turn the wheel away from the curb and start backing up again. Step 6: When you are in the parking space completely, stop. Step 7: Put the car in Drive and pull *straight* forward until you are about 12 inches from the car in front (do not try to pull closer to the curb during this). Step 8: Put the car in Park. Whew.

July 22, 2004

The Part Where I Enjoy Bankruptcy

I love a good joke at my expense as much as the next guy, but this whole bankruptcy-that's-not-really-mine on my credit report kinda gives me the heebie-jeebies. I've discovered some interesting things about credit in general, though, while trying to get this stuff off my record; There are 3 major credit reporting agencies; Experian Equifax TransUnion What's interesting is that they can all 3 simultaneously have different information about you on file (correct or incorrect). Equifax, for example, had 4 accounts on file that were simply not mine; one of these was included in a bankruptcy, another was marked for "collection", and the other two were credit accounts not belonging to me. TransUnion seems to think I am my Dad, with his address in my history along with some other accounts which do not belong to me (but which are all in good standing, fortunately). Fortunately, you can start an investigation into erroneous accounts on your report fairly easily online, and even expect a response from the credit agency within a month. Finally, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion each offer a "3-in-1" report, available instantly online, showing you a side-by-side comparison of data from all three reporting agencies... I highly recommend it, particularly if you are thinking about, oh, say a small education loan which you might be turned down for if someone else's bad behavior shows up on your record...

July 19, 2004

My Arby-Q Has A First Name

Stardate 20040719:4:46; another busy week in store... Tomorrow me and the D are off to Avenue Q and some Thai food. That is if I survive the kickoff meeting for my Big Project at work. If I can get this albatross off the ground it will be a feather in my hair, or flowers in my cap or some such thing. Just when I thought my Polling and Surveys in the Media class was going to be dull, I stumble on lesson 2, dealing with perception, linguistics and how the brain processes information... Guess I will have to keep a more open mind... The fact I have 9 months to complete this course is more daunting than reassuring... Did I mention our new servers are Dual-Processor Xeons with 3Gb of RAM? Did I mention that already? Also, keep those California job offers rolling in; Pixar is not hiring, silicon valley is more of a silicon alley and I am not making significant progress on Monster. If I don't find anything by January I suppose I can go work at Arby's again; Quick Arby's Fact #1; Don't Eat the Arby-Q... DON'T EAT IT! My Arby-Q has a first name, it's F-E-C-E-Q!!!

July 18, 2004

Lazin' on a Sunday

Really should be doing the Journalism homework right now, but instead headed to I, Robot with T from MN. Earlier this week we attened the Letterman taping with Will Smith as the guest, hocking his new flick, so it is only right and natural we go check out said flick. Been reading few entertaining blogs lately, notably Illuminated Donkey and Pussy Ranch, inspiring me to pick up the torch again and try to write something every day. Things have been pretty sparse around the ole Samology for a while, been pretty busy. The main article of business concerns work, where the $200,000 proposal I submitted to administration actually went through a couple months ago. The hospital where I work is not exactly reknowned for doling out the cash so this was a bit of a surprise, not to mention ego boost. This means new software for me and all my workmates and, more importantly; new servers! The servers, 2 dual processor Dell 2600's with oodles of RAM, arrived last Monday and I have been in pig heaven ever since. The best part is they are mine, all mine!, I get to configure security and networking and domain controller stuff, etc., to my own tailored liking. Also I have been working on the data migration from old system to new. It's a reverse engineering job; take our old data, figure out where it fits in the new back end. Our software vendor says it has never been done before- this is like a direct challenge for me to figure out a way to do it. After 3 days of on-and-off work I have all our patient demographics loaded, with admission and discharge statistics. remaining hurdles are accounts receivable and visit activity... Should be a cinch! My computer says I am "running low on credit," computer cafe in Times Square...

July 11, 2004


My Dad's ridiculously cute pup, Trotwood, hanging out in Minnesota.

July 5, 2004

4th Eats

Long lines at Grimaldi's, an American tradition, Brooklyn, NY

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