June 2004 Archives

June 29, 2004

Personality Non-Quiz

Via Jenny Turpish Slapped Me (which I found through Jay Maynard's Journal); You are a WRDF--Wacky Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a hacker. Your thirst for knowledge can be damaging to your possessions--you like to take things apart, even if you then forget to put them back together. You demand respect and, no matter how much you are respected, seldom feel it is adequate. You are tenacious, and will stick to a task long after weaker minds have given it up. Socially, you are awkward, and get into arguments and make people uncomfortable. One recommends counting to ten, holding back comments unless warranted, and listening more than speaking. Still, your no-holds-barred approach to socialization can be strangely endearing, as long as you are funny and self-deprecating. You feel misunderstood, and you probably are. The first half is dead right, the second half is dead wrong. I am socially awkward but it assuredly does not get me into arguments (although I guess I can't assume I don't make other people "uncomfortable"). And I don't think "no-holds-barred approach to socialization" means "says maybe 2 words during the course of an evening," so; WRONGOLA! I am starting to think the blog perpetuation of quizzes is cliche enough to annoy me, but there you are.

June 26, 2004

Jake's Bachelor Party

Shore Club hotel, South Beach, FL

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June 25, 2004

AA Yanks

Yankees AA ball at Ballpark at St. George, Staten Island, NY

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June 23, 2004

No Fear Here

Read this pretty good article at Harpers on fear; "A Run on Terror" An excerpt; In the unlikely event that a terrorist organization did manage to steal or, more likely, build a nuclear weapon, smuggle it into the United States, and detonate it near a major population center, the predicted casualty rate starts at 10,000 and climbs, in some estimates, to as high as 250,000. This would be a singular crime. But it would be a horror not unlike many that this nation has faced before and many that this nation will face again, terrorists or no terrorists. The country would go on, just as it did after the influenza epidemic of 1918 (600,000 deaths) or during the current AIDS epidemic (500,000 deaths and counting). Attorney General John Ashcroft has called terrorists ?those who would destroy America,? but a successful nuclear attack would not destroy America. It would not even come close. Let's all just think about this for a minute and try to decide if we should be afraid, every day, of what the terrorists might do. Should we be more afraid of automobile accidents, which kill 40,000 Americans every year?

June 18, 2004

Oh, for Geeky

This is currently my favorite geek moment, captured on film; One-Handed Rubik's Cube Solving Visit this page for the full story, if you think you can tolerate it. No disrespect intended- I wish I could do that! Update: Okay, I changed my mind, this is actually my current favorite geek moment captured on film; Speed Cup-Stacking World Record From Super Handz. Be there or be not square...

June 17, 2004

Opera, NYC

Mme Butterfly on the Great Lawn, Central Park, NYC

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June 16, 2004

Ch-Check It Out

Since I am not at liberty to disclose all the gory details, suffice it to say my resume is merrily on its way to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA where I hope to get a swank job database programming or floor-sweeping or shoe-shining- any of these would be sufficient. In theory I have a foot in the door, so it is not a total longshot, but my sense is there must be 10,000+ dot-com casualties and others with great qualifications breaking down the Pixar doors every day, so I am playing it cool and casual. Almost coincidentally, my woman is headed for Stanford in Palo Alto next fall, a 45 minute commute from Emeryville.

June 11, 2004

Or Not to Drive Again

Unbelieveably, all driving tests were cancelled this morning on account of national Reagan is Dead Day... in observance of the fact the former leading man is no doubt "nice and crispy" right about now... I am a little bitter, I wanted my friggin' license and it takes like a month to make a new appointment... I guess only my girlfriend wishing me luck on my blog is not enough, I expect a lot more "good lucks" for my next test!

June 10, 2004

To Drive Again

Everyone please wish me good luck on my driving test tomorrow morning at 8:30am. It will be my third attempt to break the NYC Driver's License barrier (actually the second effort was a scheduling error), and I just want it over with!

June 9, 2004

Nap' D at Rock' C.

Screening Napoleon Dynamite at Rockefeller Center, NYC. "Rockefeller" takes a long time to spell on a camera phone... Rockefeller Rockefeller Rockefeller yep, long time...

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Pope Calls Bush the Anti-Christ?

Read this great little tidbit; Pope Fears Bush is anti-Christ, Journalist Contends, New Catholic Times It makes sense to me that the anti-Christ would be a stupid, misguided ideologue such as Dubya, rather than your run-of-the-mill super-smart, manipulative villain type. However, the article also states; "John Paul II has always believed the world was on the precipice of the final confrontation between Good and Evil as foretold in the New Testament." But isn't that true of every Pope historically? The world is always "on the precipice," otherwise there is no reason to repent and join the Church.

June 1, 2004

3D Viewport Width

Messing about with Direct3D (some more). Ideally by the end I will have the skillz to put together some funky little games with sound effects and crud. I will be going for something in the "puzzle" genre with a nice "tactile" experience; big chunky, colorful 3D objects with appealing sound effects and relatively "deep" gameplay ("combo" bonuses, etc). Brushing up on my trigonometry for this project, today I decided that; Width of the viewport (in 3D world units) = 2 * Sin(Field_of_View / 2) * Object_Distance / Cos(Field_of_View / 2) * Aspect_Ratio Or something like that. Anyway, this function seems to help me decide how many vertices are to the left/right of a mouseclick, so that is good enough for now. P.S.; Dear Father; yes, I am still alive! Even though I have not updated my site in forever... Your new puppy is very cute, maybe I will post some of the pictures here, if that is okay...