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May 11, 2004

Scratch My Skunk

skunk scratch n sniff trend.bmp There is a nurse who comes into my office occasionally who wears perfume that always brings back memories of my days in grade school. Until recently I never knew why, until today when I realized she smells like the "Scratch'n'Sniff Skunk" sticker pictured above. This was traded profusely among me and my friends at Marcy Open School in Minneapolis back in the 80's. Take a look at this assortment on bubbledog's 80's collection site- I recognize at least 80% of the Trend Scratch'n'Sniff stickers. I wonder what new discoveries are being made today on the Scratch'n'Sniff frontier?


Sense of smell is so interesting; browsing the Scratch'n'Sniff sticker pages online I can actually remember exactly what each one smelled like. It is kinda weird...

or is it weirder that you actually like the smell of skunks....

Oh my god, this is like an acid trip, if I knew what one was really.

Pretty close I would say...

I smelled someone's hair the other day that smelled exactly like the Strawberry Shortcake doll. That was so weird - we would sit around all day smelling our dolls' heads.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ask what shampoo it was.