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April 12, 2004

Events Past and Future

I am pretending to drive here; http://www.sassygals.net/gallery/benz I am very excited about making the annual pilgrimage here later this month; http://www.samology.com/archives/2003_05.html#000029 Where I will be eating here...; http://new.orleans.diningguide.net/data/d100185.htm ...and hopefully here...; http://new.orleans.diningguide.net/data/d100272.htm ...and no doubt tipping a few back here...; http://www.digitalcity.com/neworleans/dining/venue.adp?sbid=105693747 With my other half in tow, here; dollhaus.sassygals.net Meanwhile, can somebody find me a tech job here?; http://www.sassygals.net/gallery/SFMarch

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mmm, po-boys. can't wait.