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April 7, 2004

Back on the Treadmill Again

Hey, what is the deal with "runner's high", is this an actual phenomenon? After my planned 15 minutes on the treadmill this yesterday morning, I was feeling so euphoric I ran for another 5. Strange but true... According to the machine I was running at "4.7" miles per hour- isn't that more of a "brisk walk"? It certainly felt more like jogging than walking though so maybe the machine is broken. Much to my personal chagrin, I just finished installing Symantec Antivirus Corporate on my work computer. I am convinced the whole virus bruhaha is a hoax perpetrated by virus software companies to sell software, since in over 10 years of computing neither my home machine nor my work machine has ever acquired a virus! How would I know if I never run a virus scanner? Well I do run the occasional web-based scan now and then just to set my mind at ease.