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March 7, 2004

Time for a Walk

Finally downloaded the Knoppix Linux distribution, burned it to a cd and booted it up. Totally, totally cool, but a little hard to explain. It's basically a Windows-like operating system on a cd; just throw it in and restart your computer, suddenly you are magically running Linux (with the KDE desktop providing the "Windows-y" experience primarily). Even has a full Office suite, internet tools, etc... I am posting this from it right now, and I have only been running it for 5 minutes! Then all you do is eject the cd, restart your computer and it goes back to your normal (probably Windows!) OS. I think I am going to start carrying the disk around with me and throwing it in random computers just to shock people... Now to get my butt outside and enjoy some of this gorgeous weather before heading over for a little Sopranos-watching action at Dahlia's.


Hi Sam,
Yes, the new fad among reasonably old computers is to run Linux alongside Windows. Now, a new way of doing it is through bootable CD's. I tried Knoppix but the most comfortable distro for me is slack-live. Dynebolic comes second. The cool thing about Dynebolic is that you can stream videos and music with the inbuilt software. Slack-live is based on slackware and so it is good to get a distro running on something that is considered complex compared to other distro's like Redhat or Mandrake. Try it and believe me, you will like it more than Knoppix.

Hmm, thanks for the info...
I was surprised to learn NTFS partitions are still not writeable under Linux. This makes saving any config info or preferences impossible for me from the bootable cd. However I do like the idea of using a USB flash drive for this purpose, may try that out.
I will give Dynebolic a look-see.