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March 2, 2004

Thin Blue Haze

My new computer case has a wicked cool pair of blue LED headlights on the front-panel, purely for cosmetic reasons.  Last night I found out this makes for a rather trippy nightlight- from my bedroom there is this bluish haze crawling across the back of my couch and terminating right next to the fridge.  Normally I wouldn't leave my pc on, but I was testing the noise-proofing features of the new case overnight- I must add it was quite silent the whole night through, no hard disk access noises or fans whirring at all.

Last night I caught Straight Plan for the Gay Man on Comedy Central, it was reeeeally funny.  My favorite was when they put the guy out on Union Square with a puppy dog and he gets phone numbers from *too many* women.  Kinda surprised to find it looks like an actual series, I thought it was just going to be one spoof show.  The men they have doing the makeovers are quite entertaining, I wonder where the producers found them.

Pool night again tonight, I am undefeated so far in 8-ball, though my 9-ball record is very very bad.  Last week I got a nifty "Break and Run" iron-on patch from the APA for running an entire table out a couple weeks earlier.

When will Dahlia and I have time to play more Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?!?!  I do not know, but hopefully it will be this weekend, our little avatars await in digital limbo...