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March 1, 2004

Law and Order again

L&O: CI is filming in my building at work again today, I basically have to walk through the middle of the set to leave my office.  Someone yelled "ACTION!" right behind me this morning and I jumped, thinking they were starting the cameras up with me in full view.  Actually they were filming in a side room.

Congrats to Dahlia for cooking up a great salmon + mango sauce during last night's Oscar action.  We spied the recipe while checking out the mammoth Williams Sonoma at the new Time Warner Center / Columbus Circle mall.  We also stood on line for about a year for the free potsticker samples, nearly worth the wait.

The Whole Foods at this mall is also pretty swank.

Work is getting pretty hectic lately, our software vendor is discontinuing the product we are using so a migration will be necessary before January 1st next year.  This would be a big enough deal in itself, but add to this the question of whether the hospital can afford to shell out for new software or not and you begin to see why I am taking extra Advil today.

On deck for tonight; superglue some tiny washers to the cpu fan in my new case to make it stop vibrating!  I think I am inadvertently validating Nicola Teslas experiments on mechanical oscillation with this thing, it sounds like the house is about to fall down!