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March 13, 2004

Driving class, the boredom

Driving class, the boredom of which is substantially mitigated by the world's best cream puff, courtesy Beard Papa! Yummmm!

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driving class? why do you need driving class? i thought you already got your license.

So far I have my permit, still working on the license. Added incentive; a Mercedes Benz performance driving class which Dahlia signed us up for April 3rd. My road test is scheduled for the 2nd, so wish me luck (I hope I can get my hands on one of those Kompressor coupes!)...

so if you have your permit, why the class? to reduce insurance?

and dahlia better learn how to drive stick soon, because driving a automatic in a driving class doesn't sound like fun. or she could just learn there.

Nah, the 5 hour class is required before taking the road test- you need to present your permit and the certificate from the class at the road test site. Dahlia gave me an A for driving back from North Shore Animal League the other day while picking up Madeline (including parallel parking), so hopefully I am in good shape.

tien - i don't think we had to take the 5hr course because we took drivers ed (well, i did at least). and i definately won't have a chance to learn stick by then, but when i went to a bmw one of these things a few years ago, they were all automatic - they probably don't want anyone destroying their precious cars by caliming they can drive stick.

well, in nyc, i think driver's ed was so you could get your license at 17. otherwise, it was illegal to drive in the city until you were 18, no matter where you got your license. at least i think that was the law.

i think you might be right. but drivers ed also covered what is in the 5hr class, so they gave us that card at the end. otherwise, we would have had to take the 5hr class.

I just got my license. Yes, I'm lazy. It's easy. You'll do fine! Just don't hit the curb!!! (instant fail)