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March 12, 2004

Computers Computers

The real reason I am on such a pc configuration kick lately; Dahlia's Dad says he wants me to build him a computer, instead of getting one from trusty old Dell.  I started off by saying I could build something "faster, and indeed sexier," than the Dell offerings, and to my surprise it looks like he is actually going to take me at my word.  I have been warned, however; "You know this means you are going to be married to me for the next 3 years (until the next upgrade)...  And I warn you, I am a tough customer!"

Ulp.  He does all his architect-type work on his home pc, so if it crashes...  One or both of us is screwed!

Still, it means I will probably get to build the pc of my dreams (well, almost- not the $20,000 one, anyway), and hopefully score some parent points to boot.  Legend has it I am pretty handy at this type of thing anyway.

Lunch today; souvlaki sandwich from Monsenor Falafel...  So souvlaki-y...


Sam, will you build me a laptop?

Right now my favorite laptops are these Fujitsu B-Series lifebooks. Super, super light, with the new Centrino processors and built-in WiFi a/b/g support- get theB3010D-FPCM10304 with at least 512MB RAM and you are set to go.

Of course I would love to custom build one of these babies but its just not an option, the build standards are not modular at all, you really have to have a manufacturing plant and an engineering degree to do it.

psh. dahlia has an engineering degree. sure it's an environmental engin degree, but still...