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March 16, 2004

Busy Busy

Tuesday: Pool league
Wednesday: Jets concert (not to mention St. Patti’s Day)
Thursday: Assembly class (assignment due!)
Friday: Leave for San Fran with Dahlia, return Sunday

So I got my mindless timewasting out of the way last night; completely disassembling my pc, cleaning and reseating the cpu-fan, hooking up all the case wiring properly (took like an hour in itself, those blasted IEEE 1394 firewire hookups), changing a bunch of motherboard jumpers, reversing the hard-drive orientation, twisty-tying all the extraneous wires and dustbusting all the parts while I was at it. “Why, WHY!?!?!?” I asked myself, midway through the procedure, “I need to USE my computer later and instead it is in a million pieces!” But it was too late, so I ended up skipping dinner to finish by a reasonable hour.

On the upside, my operating cpu temperature is 43C instead of 51C now, so happiness. As a further treat, I went online afterwards and warezd a bunch of ReFills for Reason 2.5, which I will get around to playing with sometime next century when I am not so busy.

As for the programming assignment due Tuesday night, have a looksee (Note: how do you think I expect to get brownie points in this class? Hint: the professor makes at least 3 jabs at the Yankees every class period);

%TITLE “Staggered Text”
;CIS 4.1 Spring 2004
;Assignment 2
;Richard “Sam” Thompson
;A simple routine demonstrating staggered DOS
; text output using linefeeds and carriage
; returns.

.Model Small
.Stack 256
;Use the “DUP” keyword to create an “array” of stars:
Stars db 40 DUP (42), “$” ; 42 is ASCII ”*” character

;Print routine will print all following lines until $
StagTxt db 10, 13, “Welcome to Brooklyn College, Spring 2004”, 10, 13
db “I ran this program on:”, 10 ; linefeed only
db “March 16th, 2004”, 10, 13, 10, 10 ; 2 extra linefeeds!
db “I can”, 10 ; linefeed only
db “create”, 10 ; linefeed only
db “a staggered”, 10 ; linefeed only
db “effect”, 10, 13, 10 ; 1 extra linefeed!
db “My name is: Richard Thompson”, 10, 13, “$”

;First finish our “boilerplate” routines:
mov ax, @Data
mov ds, ax

;Point to our dup stars “array” for printing:
mov dx, offset Stars
mov ah, 9
int 21h

;Point to our “$” terminated text string:
mov dx, offset StagTxt
mov ah, 9
int 21h

;Point to our stars array again:
mov dx, offset Stars
mov ah, 9
int 21h

;Boilerplate again- must return control to DOS:
mov ax, 4c00h ; Could also’ve said “mov ah, 4ch”…
int 21h
end PrintStaggered

%TITLE “Yankees Joke”
;Today’s Yankees Joke (found somewhere online…)
;Four baseball fans, each from a Major League city,
; are climbing a mountain. On the way to the top,
; each is arguing about how loyal they are to
; their team, and what they would do for their
; team.
;As the climb progresses, the odds increase. Upon
; reaching the top, the Red Sox fan shouts, “This
; is for the Sox!” and hurls himself off the top.
;Not to be outdone, the Braves fan yells, “I love
; Atlanta- this is for the Braves!” and he jumps
; off, too.
;A moment goes by… Suddenly the Mets fan shouts,
; “This is for everybody!” and pushes the Yankees
; fan off.
;The End