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March 4, 2004

Black Tie Affair

Does anyone have an extra tuxedo?  I am a 36 long, with a 16 1/2” neck (I think).  This is for Jake’s wedding in August in Lost Angles.

As it turns out, I will be in California at least 3 times this year.  The first visit later this month is to San Francisco with Dahlia, scoping out Stanford…  (wait, why are we going to San Francisco when Stanford is in <st>San Jose</st> Palo Alto?  Oh well, I am confusing myself but know I got at least part of that right!)…  An entertaining coincidence is that my Brother and his wife had decided independantly to visit San Fran over the exact same weekend, so hopefully we will get to hook up.

The second visit will be for Jake’s wedding, and the third visit is actually the most intrinsically exciting (sorry, Jake!); Dahlia and I will be driving across country, seeing the great sites of this land from one coast to the other the old fashioned way.  This should take about 2 weeks and I am really looking forward to the adventure.

Tonight I find out what I scored on the Assembly Language Programming quiz that I took last week.


Babe, Stanford is in Palo Alto, not San Jose. Its pretty much smack in the middle of the two cities, but its a bit easier to get flights to SF than SJ.

Whee, San Francisco in 2 weeks!

as it happens, we'll most likely all be renting tuxes, so no worries.