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February 8, 2004


Hey, who's the stud, tearing it up on a snowboard at Butternut Ski Resort? Wait, could it be...? You guessed it. Check the authentic duds- they are not mine, Dahlia's brother is about my size and they were a good enough fit, a little tightness in certain areas not withstanding... Dahlia putting up with snowboarding despite a stated preference for skiing (which I understand she is actually good at)... We decided it is better to learn this particular sport before reaching the height of 4 feet- i.e., the kids in our class with their low centers of gravity were having a substantially easier time of it than us. Also, what they say about "the bigger they are, the harder they fall," well a few times I wished I was smaller. "Hey, mister, niiice wipeout!", some punky little kid couldn't resist taunting me once from a lift chair high above. Yeah, actually it was pretty impressive, including the 3-inch diameter black and blue bruise on my side. Nothing a little hot tub afterwards couldn't soothe, though! Me on the lift chair (after I pushed that punky little kid off... I do not carry grudges, I just get even right away!).