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February 20, 2004

Aha!  Finally!

I am trying out this new blog posting toolbar called Adminimizer-somthingorother, it is kinda cool- you don’t have to go to the Movable Type menu to edit your blog.  Instead you just go to your blog url (e.g. www.samology.com), hit the “edit” button and type crud into the Title and Body fields.

Me like-y!

Hmm…  Needs a way to stick images in, though…

You know what would be ideal?  A toolbar that would let you refer to other web pages easily.  That’s what I was looking for when I found this program…  Like when you visit an interesting page and immediately want to comment on it on your blog.  There must be something out there like that already, right?

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babe, mt has one already. if you go to your main mt page, there's an option to set up bookmarklets. this adds an option for you to right-click on a website and it will automatically open a new entry page with a link to the site you were on.