February 2004 Archives

February 29, 2004

Mizzo-blizzoggin' it

Yo from coffee shop, peace, outtie

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February 27, 2004

Fry This

Going out for some Soul Food tonight, courtesy an invitation from Mike of satanslaundromat.com.  Anticipating some rollickin’, some finger lickin’ and later a little stomach achin’ action.

You know what I like to do on a nice, sunny Saturday like tomorrow?  Same thing I like to do every day, Pinky; crawl inside my new Antec Sonata case and hook up a bunch of wires.  It’s sorta like working on your car in the driveway on a sunny afternoon, except you are indoors and doing something much geekier.  Can’t wait to get this thing put together, though, check it out at http://www.antec-inc.com/pro_details_enclosure.php?ProdID=15138

Took my first exam since 1996 last night, I’m pretty sure I aced it except for the one question that required a calculator to double-check the answer.  Unfortunately only $2 calculators were allowed, my Palm qualifies as a cheating tool and had to stay in my bag.  Also got back a homework assignment and was mad because the professor failed to properly acknowledge my ingenious solution to the penny-doubled-every-30-days problem…  In fact, the only written comment was ”I do not think this is right!”


You be the judge…

February 26, 2004

Leap Year's Resolution

Currently I am enjoying R. Kelly's Chocolate Factory, much to everyone's dismay.  <a href="http://dollhaus.sassygals.net">The Girlfriend</a> says I am kooky and I should go take my groovin' out to a college bar somewhere.  Of course she is just being funny.

Hmm, that's odd, I just realized I also have a severe hankering for Prince as well, downloading a few b-sides off iTunes just the other day ("Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad" anyone?)...  The sex-obsessed funky souls seem to be calling to me.

In case you were wondering, the Leap Year's Resolution is to post at least once a day...  for a while...

February 20, 2004

Aha!  Finally!

I am trying out this new blog posting toolbar called Adminimizer-somthingorother, it is kinda cool- you don’t have to go to the Movable Type menu to edit your blog.  Instead you just go to your blog url (e.g. www.samology.com), hit the “edit” button and type crud into the Title and Body fields.

Me like-y!

Hmm…  Needs a way to stick images in, though…

You know what would be ideal?  A toolbar that would let you refer to other web pages easily.  That’s what I was looking for when I found this program…  Like when you visit an interesting page and immediately want to comment on it on your blog.  There must be something out there like that already, right?

This new blog toolbar has me totally weirded out!

Okay, so this is the Title field...

And this is the body?  Still testing... (Bear with us!)

Test Title?

Test Title?

Adminimizer Toolbar test post...

Test Post

Test Post

February 8, 2004


Hey, who's the stud, tearing it up on a snowboard at Butternut Ski Resort? Wait, could it be...? You guessed it. Check the authentic duds- they are not mine, Dahlia's brother is about my size and they were a good enough fit, a little tightness in certain areas not withstanding... Dahlia putting up with snowboarding despite a stated preference for skiing (which I understand she is actually good at)... We decided it is better to learn this particular sport before reaching the height of 4 feet- i.e., the kids in our class with their low centers of gravity were having a substantially easier time of it than us. Also, what they say about "the bigger they are, the harder they fall," well a few times I wished I was smaller. "Hey, mister, niiice wipeout!", some punky little kid couldn't resist taunting me once from a lift chair high above. Yeah, actually it was pretty impressive, including the 3-inch diameter black and blue bruise on my side. Nothing a little hot tub afterwards couldn't soothe, though! Me on the lift chair (after I pushed that punky little kid off... I do not carry grudges, I just get even right away!).