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January 23, 2004

To Eat off the Floor

My experience with the housecleaning service today was a little plus, a little minus, I am still trying to piece everything together into a coherent picture. On the high side of the see-saw, my apartment is cleaner than the mirrors on the Hubble telescope. I am eating leftover sesame noodles off the toilet seat and dribbling Pepsi One down the shower curtain into my mouth tonight just for the sheer thrill of it. On the bottom end, I am looking at paying double for the cleaning because the cleaning lady "could not find" the cash in the envelope in my mailbox. Yes, yes, my mailbox is outside and I should not have put an unmarked envelope with cash in it in the first place, but I am allowed to be upset anyway. Also weighing in, I am still evaluating whether the fresh stain on my bedsheets is actually cat pee, presumably brought about by the place smelling so "ammonia-y" that my cat could not resist contributing a little essence-de-chat... I say I am still evaluating, but actually it is more "still maintaining disbelief" at this point. I know cat pee when I see it. Wow, but just look at this place; it is a museum piece, the poster child for cleanliness. But is it worth double? But how delighted am I to see my countertops for the first time in weeks? Still evaluating...


wow, that sounds nice. especially seeing your desk! i have very little desk space.

how much did it cost?

I have to add that my deodorant mysteriously disappearing is a bit suspicious as well....