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January 28, 2004

The Grafficker Novel

the watchmen.jpg Reading Alan Moore's Watchmen currently, am pretty entertained by what is essentially a super-hero "soap opera," at least thus far. Hmm, maybe that's not fair. There is after all a fair amount of typically brooding apocalyptic banter, typical for "grown-up" comics that is. In fact the writing is quite good, for a comic book. If you ignore the "all text" interludes, that is, where there are no pictures to distract you from the fact this is not exactly Hemingway or Salinger you are reading. I also like the shifting between stories within a single page, keeps things entertaining. And the premise of washed up superheroes is well executed and interesting. Unfortunately the art is, I'm sorry; muy terrible, senor, as in muy muy uninspired. Yes, yes, I understand, this is how comics are supposed to look; six evenly spaced frames to a page, focus on the action, occasional closeup, lah-di-dah. Look to The Dark Knight Returns for great visuals, not here. About 1/4 done, not really fair to sum The Watchmen up just yet... Is it obvious by this point I have nothing to update my blog with so am simply rambling?