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January 28, 2004

Oh, Wait, Yes I Do

That's right, I am indeed returning to the world of higher education. As of Spring Quarter '04 I will be attending Brooklyn College in limited capacity (2 night classes to start), eventually to enroll in their Master's program for Computer Science. I have to finish up a BA in Broadcasting from U Minnesota as well. I am starting off with a couple gimme classes just to get back into the swing of things; Advanced C Programming and Introduction to Assembly Language. Sound easy enough, right? Well I didn't want to start with Calc I (again!), let's put it that way! Yerg, homework. Wish me luck.


Luck. You will be fine. Focus is good. Don't forget to also have fun on a regular basis. Congrats.

Hey neat! I majored in journalism at Brooklyn College. You'll get a kick out of their spiffy new library.

hurry up and get that degree- i have lots of free work that i need you to do!