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January 11, 2004

Home Improvement

Ikea has all sorts of neat stuff, I had to restrain myself mightily during a recent trip to the New Jersey branch with the girlfriend. Office space; Before After Only 79 bucks for the whole desk! Woo-hoo!


wow, that is quite an improvement. kudos to you guys for putting it together.

Yeah, I was being so careful, knowing that an improperly screwed-in screw will mean the utter spontaneous combustion of the average Ikea product (no slight to Ikea, I mean the thing was only $79!). At one point I dropped the hammer on the edge of one of the shelves and splinters flew everywhere... Fortunately the edge was on the inside of the finished product.

Looks great...but...now you need a very expensive tall tubular light unit for that space on the right - something subtle, muted-ricepaper or frosted glass shade. Or maybe some of those twisty little light units with the multicolor spaceships on the ends from the shop on Bowery.

We discussed lighting, I have decided a trip to Pintchik in the Slope will do the trick nicely. Remember, they have a whole lighting section with lots of cool colored, twisty lamps and such.

I didn't realize the place you were talking about was Pintchik - that's where my dad got a lot of the lighting in our home back in the day.

That's very inspiring. I need more shelves and filing cabinets!

Ah, dahl, good, I will have to be sure and mention it next time I see your Dad, score a few points in the interior design department. Pintchick has so much cool stuff, even cappucino while you are browsing.