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January 19, 2004

Bye-Bye Luckys ... ?

I think the laundromat lady shrunk my favorite pair of jeans today. They are sitting folded in a neat little heap on my bed, I haven't tried them on yet. All the dryers were full earlier this afternoon, so the laundry lady said "It's okay, Sam, I'll put your clothes in the next free dryer, just come back after 4pm!" It did not dawn on me my Luckys were in there. On a brigther note, it is already obvious during this debacle my least favorite sweater was shrunk to the size of a furry, misshapen peanut. Thank you, I do not have to decide ever again whether I really want to wear it because it is the only clean thing in my closet. Luckys? Yoo-hoo, are you all right? I have already washed you multiple times in cold water and left you to dry from a hanger-- maybe during this time you became immune to dryer shinkage? Maybe?


seems like kate (fauxhemia.lunanina.com) has been having the same problems as you...

i think shrinkage is the worst thing that can happen to anything...be it uh, male personal areas, or jeans. at least with the personal area, there is hope for recovery. sadly, with your jeans, there may not be.

my cleaner just shrunk this sweater of mine. . and it wasnt a cheap sweater either. bastards! i think im going to wear it around the house and see if it doesnt stretch back out a bit.

this all reminds me of the seinfeld episode where a cleaner shrinks a dress shirt of his. into a shirt that is the size of a child's shirt, and all he wants is them to admit that they made a mistake.

The worst is accidentally shrinking, or allowing to be shrunk, an Significant Other's treasured article of clothing... Shudder... And then replacing it wayyyyyy back in the drawer so maybe they won't find it or notice...

the seinfeld episode was def the first thing i thought of when i tried my sweater on

hmm, remind me never to let you do my laundry...