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January 5, 2004

Blog Irritation?

Wow, I am beginning to see why Google was considering removing blogs from their search results; someone just queried "knee jerk reaction" and ended up here (noticed in part thanks to Perl Experiment 1 below). How much do I doubt they were looking for my anti-Libertarian rant, and rather pursuing some sort of medical information? Oh well, blogs are annoying, but for now; bring on the hits, baby!


The thing is that it's the blogs that might explain what you're looking for when you do a search.

Actually, looking over the queries that have led to my site the past couple days, you might be right, Jen.

It occurs to me I've got pictures and informal descriptions of lots of Brooklyn people and places that might be interesting to folks looking for "Insectivora Tattoos" or "Brooklyn DMV."

I may agree to stand corrected rather soon on my "blogs are annoying" position.