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December 23, 2003

Peter Luger Steakhouse (FINALLY I GET TO GO!!!)

It felt like my Birthday yesterday, Dahlia treated me to dinner at Peter Luger steakhouse in Brooklyn as a Christmas / Hannukah gift. For those who do not know, Peter Luger has the best steak on the planet, reservations have to be made weeks in advance. I have been waiting for the right chance to go there for years. The waiters were great, it seems they are all super-professional and telepathic and have been working there forever. The waiter who took our order told us what we were eating before we even said anything. When the food came there were two of them there carving up the meat, plopping creamed spinach onto our plates, smothering our steak in extra butter sauce. You could tell they thought we were a cute couple or something, they were showing off. The food was exactly as I imagined it would be, in part thanks to Jake's pictures. I would like to describe here the experience of actually eating the food but there just aren't words. Enormous steak, crispy potato(e?) hash-browns and creamed spinach, pecan pie to finish up. You do the math... It adds up to "gwahhhhhhhhhhhhh," in case you forgot your calculator. As I daintily prodded the t-bone with a knife and fork at the end, trying to extract the last shreds of meat, an older waiter paused by our table; "Just pick it up with your FINGERS!" So I did... Best part... Dahlia even drove us to and from the place, do you have any idea how spoiled that makes me? Very, very spoiled... So yes, Dahlia, you win the battle of the gifts for now, that is the best one I ever got. No material gesture can measure up to being treated to a night out like that. I am so lucky, would you not say?


you lucky dawg. that's an awesome gift. what i love is how when you sit down, the waiters ask you if you need menus. next time i go, i have to get the key lime pie. i never seem to have room though. strange, no?

I told Dahlia I was either ordering dessert or leaving the restaurant on a stretcher. I had been prepping myself all day with small portions of trail mix taken at even intervals, so I would be just exactly the right degree of hungry without having my stomach shrink up and prevent me from fully enjoying the experience.

i win! i win!

though that isn't what's really important.

i'm just glad that you enjoyed it, babe.

not to stir up trouble, but the title of best steak i've ever had was recently won over by the kobe beef steak adam made us at the penthouse strip club. desicated for like 10 weeks, it was tender, juicy, and more powerfully flavored than the beef jerky they feed people at PL. not that luger's steak isn't good.

Jake, you are stirring up trouble... And it's "desiccated"...