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December 11, 2003

Origami Stegosaurus

Hah! Take that, social life!

The John Montroll Stegosaurus takes 2 hours to fold, conservatively speaking, from a square sheet of paper.

He is orange.


you are a genius, homeboy! can you make me an orgami cat that looks like thompson?

His little tail-spikes are amazing!

congrats - that looks awesome!

Jake, there is a slight chance I can make the origami cat you request. I will look into it.

Yep, I am proud of the little tail spikes as well, usually they come out sort of stubby but I was on a roll last night.

Origami is a highly soothing hobby, I recommend it.

i think i would become very frustrated at the complex items, thus leaving me to get mad and rip my malformed stegosaurus in half.

Actually, the stegosaurus was not too bad, difficulty-wise!

Most of Montroll's Origami books are "graded," easier models in the front. Start with the goldfish (5 minutes of folding), work your way up to the grasshopper (an hour and a half or so).

Kunihiko's Origami Insects and their Kin is the worst in terms of difficulty. I have not completed even one of the 20 models (admittedly I skipped the first few easier ones). Goddamn the f***ing butterfly, I have started it like six times!

sam, do you use special paper? i always see origami paper at kates paperie and am tempted to try it out. im pretty sure im not patient enough though. 2 hours? whew!

Yep, it is special waxed origami paper. My impression is that it is very thin, yet much stronger than average notebook paper which will rip at the edges on the complicated folds. The wax is so it will hold a nice sharp crease.

Amazon.com, get the John Montroll endorsed "large" paper and also his book, Origami for the Enthusiast.

In the interest of full disclosure I will say I am of course handsomely compensated by the Montroll estate for plugging his stuff.